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How's your February Vacation Week? If you're traveling, happy travels! If you're in town, hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday.

With the nice weather yesterday, on the way to picking up the kids, my husband suggested we find a restaurant to eat outside. Ooh, nice, I said. We settled on a place in Harvard Square that had that.

Our kids have afterschool all week. Yesterday was their field trip to the trampoline park. They had a lot of fun on their field trip but were visibly tired and cranky when we picked them up at 5:30. My daughter clinged to me, said no to each one of daddy's questions, and wanted to lie on the floor of the restaurant. The host said will take 20 minutes for a table to open up. My son complained he hates this restaurant, there's nothing he wants to eat here, and he is very, very hungry.

Hmm... quick thinking needed to avoid a meltdown. I suggested to my husband to take the kids next door for some easy take out. And they came back just when a table opened up.

I asked the waiter for what's good here and started to order, then my husband said, "Wait, aren't you going to order anything you like?" Then, "Aren't you going to order anything for the kids?" I snapped that I know what I'm doing.

My husband was getting upset. He said, "I really need a drink now." Of course, the waiter forgot his order.

I said, "Okay let's all take a breathe." Nobody listened to me.

Our one-hour meter was running out so I went to put in some coins. It gave me the time to calm down.

I came back more relaxed. And the food came and it was delicious. I said sorry to my husband for snapping at him.

My daughter felt a bit better after some food and said, "Only Chloe played with me today and she had to leave early." I said, "Oh no, that must be a bit lonely. Sometimes I feel that too. "

My son decided he like the food at the restaurant after all, and started telling us jokes.

After the dinner we walked around Harvard Square and walked into L.A. Burdicks just when they were giving out some free hot chocolate samples.

We all decided we like the warm days. :)

How was your February Vacation Week? Let me know. :)

P.S. I'm still working on the SMS alerts for Impromptu Invites. Meanwhile, just post on the forum for now.

February 22, 2018 in #parenting | | | Share on Google+