Your Summer Camp Choices!

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How was your long weekend? Made you all ready for the summer? :)

This past couple of weeks, my conversation with fellow parents seem to evolve around what summer camps have we finally all decided on. I'd love to hear what you end up going with and why. And maybe we can find who else is going and carpool! :)

Summer Camp Done! Survey

Last Saturday, we took our kids to the JFK Library for the Space Exploration talk I mentioned. NASA Chief Astronaut Chris Cassidy is a former Navy Seal AND an MIT Grad. And his story of life on the international space station was simply fascinating. He got the biggest applause when he mentioned that of the 12 new astronauts this year, half are women! Tell your little girl if she's interested. ;-)

This weekend we hope to make it to the River Fest. Let me know if you're also.

The weekend is also my little girl's ballet performance at the School of Classical Ballet. It's a bit bittersweet as she's decided no more ballet after. (Great class, just not a fit for her.) But she still likes her swimming class and hopefully I could convince her to take up basketball next winter.

Last but not least, we'll restart the Friday Potluck in Dana Park every two weeks! The date is still being finalized as there are conflicts this week.

June 02, 2017 in #community | | | Share on Google+