What everyone else's doing for Summer Camp

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You know, everyone tells me figuring out summer camps is a big headache, that they wish they can just send their kid with a friend to a camp. But it's hard to find out who's going where. So... let's run a survey. You can pick to share with your class/school. This would be especially helpful to the new JK/K parents who are trying to figure out what to do.

Summer Camp Survey

I'll send out the summary next week. So far the front runner looks like the MLK Camp and our Chinese camp. And people would love more input on the YMCA Camp and the Nike Tennis Camp. So if your kids have been to these camps, would be great if you could review and help another parent out.

Just another reminder that the Summer Camp info night is tonight at 6:30 at CRLS. So if you want to learn more about camps, commiserate with another parents, see you there! And if you can't make it and want info, let me know. :)

And yes, the new Yana app is ready for download on iPhone or Android. Check it out!

March 09, 2017 in #summer camp | | | Share on Google+