Family Picnic & FMA's Carwash

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Looks like Summer's finally here! This weekend should be sunny and 80-90s. There're tons of fun outdoor events this weekend.

We also have a date finally for our first Bi-weekly Family Picnic! It's next Friday the 16th at the MLK Playground. And you can now RSVP.

On the Summer Camp Decision survey, so far there's no clear winner: people chose a lot of different camps, and gave a lot of different reasons. So if you haven't done so, be sure to fill it out so we can learn from each other:

Camp Decision Survey:

I continue to talk to more parent organizers in Cambridge and it's been a lot of fun! FMA's Carwash fundraiser this Saturday is listed below. Go support a local school! :) And if you know of other local events that would be of interest to the wider community, let me know. (Thanks Veera on the Cambridge Synchro Swim!)

Last weekend's River Fest was a lot of fun. Besides performances, kids activities, fun festival food, free icecream bars, there was also a COFVEVE ball. ;-)

This weekend we're planning to check out the Dragon Boat Fest Sunday. Hope to see some of you there!

June 08, 2017 in #community | | | Share on Google+