Parent Teacher Conference & Voting

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Have you had parent-teacher conference at your school? We had ours the past week and I got more out of it than usual. :) Good news is they are doing well in school, but of course, my brain tend to focus on what do they need to improve on?

For my daughter, I heard that the class as a whole is high on academic skills and low on social-emotional skills. What does that mean for a bunch of kindergarteners? Apparently they don't share as well, and don't help each other sufficiently. I got the suggestion to sign my daughter up for a theater class. So I'm gonna look into that. :)

I was feeling a bit down about that, after all last year we got pretty high marks on all. It makes me look at my daughter and try to see if indeed she's not sharing or not helping. After a couple of days, I realized maybe she may needs to pick things up a notch now that she's a K, but I don't notice much problem at home or out with her friends. Still, will work on more playdates for her... so let me know if any interest!

For my son, I got the feedback that he writes with gusto at the start, but when it gets to the 2nd half, he loses steam and just rushes to finish.

Hmm... I immediately wondered if it's because at home, I make him write 5 sentences in Chinese before he can play Minecraft. Am I rewarding for quantity over quality? what new incentive should I put in place?

Is it just me? Do you have these questions after talking to your kids' teachers? Do let me know! :)

School Committee Election

I took the kids to voting this Tuesday. The MLK parents Josh and Piotr didn't win; the FMA Parent Laurance did get the only non-incumbent win for the school committee. Congrats to all of them for running a good race!

I thought was encouraging that we had much better turnout this year. For the first time ever, we had over 20k people voting for the school committee!

Zoo and Brew Last Weekend

I had planned to go to the Family Literacy event. But my husband picked Zoo and Brew, no doubt for the 'Brew'. :)

It's held in the Seaport area, and is more for little kids but had free food galore (not the beer): not just your usual juice tasting but giant ravioli, pulled pork, and ice-cream. My kids were happy to play ball with a giant King's Bowling Pin, and get free fidget spinners!

Tomorrow is no school. So I found a couple of camps for you. Have fun!

And for those dads who missed Zoo and Brew, you might be happy to know about the Beers and Gears at MIT Museum tomorrow night. Dads' night out? ;-)

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