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Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

We went trick-or-treat with both my son and my daughter's friends just in our neighborhood. Yep that's my kid refusing to wear a costume, while his classmates had fun with theirs. I think one year my son wore an itchy dinosaur costume that might have traumatized him. ;-)

Speaking of dinosaurs... I have to give it to this parent right here. What sacrifice! ;-)

It's always nice to see some families working hard to make it fun for the kids. :)

It was really nice for a friend to invite a few families over for some pizza and food. We were rested, fed, and ready to head out.

I noticed some refinement of strategy for trick-or-treating this year. My husband identified side streets in Cambridgeport as good places to go to, especially Cottage and a few nearby streets. Rather than quantity, my kids went for quality: mostly Kitkat and other chocolate candies. They also got a few Almond Joy for daddy and Whoppers for mommy. Very sweet of them. :)

And one of the more popular stops doesn't offer any candy. Instead, they offered adult beverages: red, white, or whisky. I'm glad someone's thinking of the parents. :)

Due to the cooperative weather, a lot of folks were sitting outside giving out candy. And we saw more families than usual.

Along the way I ran into a number of families we knew, from our school or nearby schools, some friends of my kids from their preschools, and even some dressed up Cambridge Police I interviewed once. :) It really felt like a community.

My kids told me at bedtime that what they liked the most this Halloween was hanging out with friends. NOT candy! I couldn't agree more. :)

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