First, thank you for your kind support! A number of you wrote to me or talked to me in person after the email last week, saying that vacationing with kids (alone) is stressful!

I've had a number of good chats with people the past week on how to make Yana more useful to parents. (Thanks Katie, Marguerite, Christina, Jennifer, and many others!) Katie was pretty direct: "Make your app used more often then you can build community." I think she's right on. :)

So, how do you keep track of class & school events today? Do you like getting the emails and flyers as is, or would like getting it all in one place? Let me know what you think in this quick 3-question survey.

Here's what I'm thinking of adding to the Yana app. Love to know what you think. I'd like to make it work for people only on email, or prefers a text as well, so everyone can stay informed.


Busy weekend! I might see you at the Robot Zoo Saturday. :) There are also a number of Easter Egg Hunts this weekend. And if you're thinking of taking your kids to watch Boston Marathon, here are some Marathon-watching tips.

Have a good April Vacation Week next week! Whether you're going somewhere (stay relaxed) or staying around here like I usually do to avoid paying 2x for travels. :)

Btw, I just saw Christina perform with her twin, and they were amazing! One song made us all tear up. (You can still catch her, see this week's events) As one of our kids said, "can you believe she is a regular mom"?!

Go "regular moms"! ;-)

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