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Did you make it to the Chocolate Fest last weekend? We got there right at 1pm and the line was around the block, must've been 300 people at least. I pinged the two friends who I saw said 'interested' to the event and both said they bailed too. Notes for next year: get there early! :)

Also worth mention is that we went to Star Market last night, since a friend told us everything's on sale there due to closing on Saturday. We bought a ton of stuff including some-what health snacks and 7 rolls of 80% off tape, which I hope will last my kids for a little while. :) I still remember when the place opened back in 1998. I was a student then, so happy to have a real grocery store in our backyard. I guess we should be thankful there are so many good choices now in the neighborhood.

This weekend, my husband is getting ready for the Super Bowl. To say he's a big fan of the Patriots is an understatement: he still blames me for that time when we lost to the Giants because I invited people who were not true fans to our superbowl party. Yes, he's that kind of a fan. ;-)

And over the last year, I noticed my husband and my son, who's the biggest reader in the family, really bonded over watching and throwing football. Now my son knows more players by jersey number and skill level than sometimes my husband. My daughter? Well she's always enthusiastic about whatever our family's into.

Over the weekend I worked both days to get Yana Circles ready to trial with a parent advocacy group. So far so good, it works a bit like Google/Yahoo Groups in that you can get emails from the circle, AND you can see who's in it and their contact info, and reach out 1-1. My goal is very much to build local community of interest. And hope to trial it out in the next few weeks with moms groups, running groups, parents want to meet up for last-minute playdates... or get their kids together to throw a football. :)

Go Pats!!! :)

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