Seems like a lot of families are still away or just returning. We've postponed the family picnic at Dana Park to next Friday so more families can join us.

My son started King Kids Camp, and was very happy to be with his best friend. :) My daughter started the Lesley Compass Program yesterday, complete with a school bus in the morning. She seems to like it, which is about as much as I can pry out of her. She then heads to Fitzgerald Camp at Peabody School for extended day which seems to be a lot of time outside in the park. Traffic and pickup is a big pain though. :(

My son also finally told me why the King Kids Camp is much better than the "boring" MIT Sports Camp, because the latter is all sports and they spent all day either at the pool or at the gym, not enough fun and games for him. The camp could still be a good fit if your kids like sports. What's your experience with the camps? Love to hear!

And if your kids aren't doing camp this summer, there are still a lot of great free programs, like the Arts & Science Summer Program in many of the area parks 10am-noon Monday-Thu, at e.g. River Side Park.

This weekend, we're super excited to go to the JP Porchfest to hear Mr. Piper performing with MLK mom's band Gin Daisy! Hope some of you will join us.

And on Sunday, we'll restart the Sunday morning moms+ run in Cambridgeport at 8am. As Rosie & Tiffany would like me to mention, no ovaries or kids required to join us. ;-)

Last but not least, my daughter's done well over the long weekend, having done not one but two hikes near Squam Lake with her friends. Here they are. :)

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