School's over, yay!!

Well for the kids anyway. For us parents, it'll be a few days of feeling happy about not having to rush kids out the door in the morning, then back to worrying about drop offs and pickups for the summer camps. ;-)

But for now, let's join the kids in celebrating summer's here! Seems like there's not a lot of agreement on what to do for tomorrow, the first no school day. Below are a couple of Free Fun Friday museum ideas, which will continue through the summer. And a couple of Cambridge community-based events this Saturday.

Oh, about the family picnic that got rained out last Friday, yes, it was pouring!! After a few last minute guest cancelations, I decided it's a great time try out scruffy hospitality. :) I invited the few families that did show up to our house. One family got some pizzas delivered, we opened up a bottle or two of wine, and had a great time having adult conversations while the kids played.

As a result, we connected one family that show up with another playdate we knew was going the next day. And we're actually going to that family tonight for a playdate. And our class is contacting each other about carpooling. So there you go, don't be a stranger in the summer. Let's all invite each other over and have more fun TOGETHER. :)

We'll table the next family picnic till after July 4th, so two weeks away. Join us then!

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