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Last Sunday was a pretty exciting day for hundreds of kids taking part in the Run & Ride.

It was a lot of fun to watch and cheer on the kids. They are all trying so hard. :)

My son smiled when he heard me cheering and calling his name aloud, and was happy to hear he did much better than last year.

They divided the kids up by age and in the case of older kids, by gender. So there are winners in every group, which made it more fun for kids.

Kids from our school and our cousin together won #1, 4, 5 in the 5-6 age group! All the kids did so well. :)

In the last few months, I've started regular running on Saturday mornings with my son, and sometimes my daughter too. I want them to have a good exercise routine. We run for1.5 miles usually, sometimes 2 miles. Did that helped them do better in the race, maybe. :) It sure doesn't hurt to practice.

The day before the race I took my kids to the nearby track and we practiced sprinting. I asked my daughter, "If one lap is 0.25 mile, and your race is 0.25 mile, how many laps do you need to run for the race?"

"One?" My daughter is used to me asking math questions, another new routine we've added in the last week or two.

I asked my son about how many laps he needs to run to practice his 0.40 mile first stretch? He knew it's bigger than 1 but smaller than 2. "1.8??"

Not bad for estimating. :)

You see, I believe in regular practicing for math too. Since I noticed him (a rising 4th grader) doing 150x0 by getting "0-0-0", and making simple math errors.

My husband will be the first to tell you he's not good at math. He's a biologist and actually works quite a bit with bioinformaticians that combine biology with math and coding. I'd like to encourage my kids to have well, a different attitude towards math. ;)

To me, math is like reading, something everyone can master with enough practice. (Apparently NYTimes thinks so too. :) Math is all around us -- making change, calculating tips, measuring ingredients, figuring out time -- and perhaps by asking my kids more regular math questions, doing math practices, and play math games, they'll see it as no big deal and something they can get good at, just like running. And take pride in it too. :)

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