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Sounds like you enjoyed Veera’s post last week on playdates. This week we have another guest blog post.

But first, let me ask you this question, have you been away from your kid for a night? I don’t mean a sleepover party, but e.g. you and your spouse got away for a night or two while someone else watched your kid(s). For many parents, that sounds like a dream! They don’t really have a family member or babysitter they can leave their kids with.

What about one parent taking care of a child while another going away for a few days. Sure, for work that happens, and maybe even for visiting family. But how about really, really get away, like a vacation? What?!

So when I heard from a friend Min that she went for a whole week by herself, I was duly impressed and envious. And so were the rest of the moms at a kids' birthday party. ;-)

Here's Min's story:

"My inspiration was Rose Kennedy: not the mom of future president bit, but her regular trips abroad, without kids.

Travel for fun without kids? What an idea! Then I could not stop thinking about it, and can see at least three benefits:

  • Step outside the daily drill of parenting and work and whatever else you still have room for on your plate.
  • Follow your own interests (opera, theater and museum in my case), and take as much or as little time as your heart desires;
  • Help your family appreciate how much you do on a daily basis. ;-)

Getting buy-in from my husband was pleasantly drama-free, and a late October trip to Milan was booked. Fast forward seven weeks, I had my breath taken away listening to Verdi, gazed up at Da Vinci's Last Supper in awe, lingered inside an elegant gallery admiring the two Da Vinci portraits all alone, sipped countless cups of ginseng cappuccino and biked all over the city, without a helmet. I had a truly wonderful and enjoyable time.

Back home, I felt more refreshed and more patient around my rambunctious boy. At least for the first couple of weeks. "

"That's it? You just got away like that?" I asked Min. "Yeah pretty much. My husband does travel quite a bit for work."

"Sounds too easy. Any struggle? Any doubts? Any worries?" I persisted. Min said, "No, actually I didn't miss my son much. I know he'll be fine with my husband."

Wow, let's all digest that one (and maybe pull out our vacation bucket list. ;)

And how did you find the snowstorm last weekend?

Looks like no snow this weekend. Phew! Good opportunity to check out some pretty interesting events this weekend.


Weekend Events

Ice Sculpture Stroll

In partnership with the Somerville High Culinary Arts Program, Assembly Row will host an Ice Sculpture Stroll with tour...
Friday, 6pm, All around the Row, Somerville

Candy Land Tournament

Join us on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 from 10am-12pm at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for our 13th Annual Candy Land even...
Saturday, 10am, Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Kids in The KITCHEN: Shop Locally & Save the World

We're going on a shopping spree in the market to get all our favorite foods ? come with us! We?ll stop at different ven...
Saturday, 10am, The Boston Public Market

Winter Wonderland - To Benefit Christmas in the City

Since 1989, Christmas in the City has brought holiday magic to children in need. Part of the magic is a go-all-out part...
Saturday, 11am, Boston Convention Center

Illuminations Tour

Come celebrate the folk artistry of residents who transform their houses and yards with lights, illuminated ornaments, ...
Saturday, 4:30pm, City Hall, Somerville

Frozen Chanukah

Cambridge Jewish Center of the Arts invites you to the third annual Frozen Chanukah event. Back by popular demand! Ce...
Sunday, 11am, Community Ice Skating at Kendall Square

PJ Library Celebrates Chanukah with Vanessa Trien

For younger kids. Dance, jump, giggle and sing in the miracles of Chanukah at this joyous and interactive holiday conce...
Sunday, 4pm, Fayerweather Street School, Cambridge

Cambridge Community Chorus Concert

One of Handel's most popular oratorios, Judas Maccabeus tells the story of the second century BCE Maccabean Revolt, in ...
Sunday, 4pm, Kresge Auditorium, MIT

Harry and the Potters' 13th Annual Yule Ball

The Middle East Presents: Harry and the Potters' 13th Annual Yule Ball feat. The Moaning Myrtles (Reunion!) w/ Lauren F...
Sunday, 5pm, Middle East - Downstairs, Cambridge app

The Christmas Revels: A Venetian Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Join us for this special holiday celebration set in Renaissance Venice, crossroads of the world!
Friday 12/08, 7:30pm - 12/27, Harvard University's Sanders Theatre app

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