Hope you're doing well during the school vacation week!

It's been a busy week. My husband's again traveling for work, so I'm solo-parenting for the week. :) I tried to remember my lessons from last time, got a babysitter a month early for an evening meeting, and tried to arrange with friends to have them pick up kids for playdate.

Still there's more to do: my kids have afterschool all day, so I need to pack their lunch, and take care of them for an extra hour in the morning for the later opening. And there's pick up & other logistics to set up with babysitter and friends.

And since I was waiting to find out if my daughter got into the Lesley Compass program, I actually didn't sign the kids up for the MLK camp yet, which we found out was sold out! So I had to scramble to ensure summer camp coverage. (I know, I know, ironic given I've been emailing for weeks on summer camps. :)

Lesson is, if you haven't figured out the camps yet, better get on it! Many of the community school camps are full or only have room in some sessions or some age groups. JK/K is especially full while older grades might take a bit to fill up. Our Chinese Summer Camp at the end of the summer still has room. Sign up soon!

So there it is, barely half way through the week and I'm already quite exhausted, despite my best efforts to plan for help. I realized how fragile my set-up is: a little bit of unexpected happenings will tip things over. :) I also remembered what I heard again and again from all my parent interviews, that we're all just treading water. :)

I noticed when I'm tired or stressed I yell at my kids more. Well, I've got my kids on points system to help them be less picky with food and help each other out more. It's working well. I told them it's time to put mom on the same system to yell less and stay positive. :)

Oh, if you haven't filled out our School Communication Survey, do so soon. Will share results next week.

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