Ski Weekend Tips, & App Notifications

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Hope everyone's doing well during the February Vacation Week!

My son fell sick last Friday but recovered in time to finish his ski lessons. (Btw, I wrote up my tips for a great family ski weekend, not that anyone's thinking skiing during this spring weather. :) And of course now my daughter caught the cold from her brother. So I'm deep in childcare mode and know first-hand how much help is needed. :)

I've spent the week fixing usability problems with the new Help Now feature. It can now tell you if you're missing your phone number (so hard for people to contact you) or not getting notifications. (Yes, Kirstin!) Hopefully that will make it easier for everyone to contact each other. app

Clicking the pencil icon will give you instructions on how to turn on notification.

The Android version is already in the app store, I'm just doing more testing. And the iPhone version should be there shortly after. You can just go to on your phone next week to download the apps. I'm really looking forward to see once school's back in session, how we make use of Help Now. :)

Another minor update is that I've added Summer Camps and Parties to the app. The Events link just points to our blog with all the events, so you can easily look up stuff to do that we've hand

February 27, 2017 in #yana app | | | Share on Google+