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Coming towards the end of the term, May and June are often quite busy. I had the fortune of helping out at some fun events.

There was the Art Show and Chinese Book Fair. I gave my two kids $10 each budget for the book fair, then they teamed up and negotiated their way to a $25 book. :)

For Asian American Heritage Month, one of the moms at our school organized Calligraphy & Games event during recess where kids got to write in Chinese and Arabic. The kids had a lot of fun, one said it was the best recess ever!

And it also gave us parents a different view of the school experience. One mom called it an impressive sight when all the kids ran out to the playground. :)


Remember a few weeks ago at the parent-teacher conference, I got the advice from my daughter's teacher to encourage her to approach and join friends rather than waiting for them to approach her?

"It's better to ask friends and get rejected sometimes at 6 years old than at 9 years old, " her teacher said. "By then it's much harder."

Wise words! When I brought this up with friends, they would say really? Your daughter's so outgoing. Well, she is at times, but she can also be quite shy and cling to me in the mornings at school. It was helpful to get the teacher's take to help me focus on this.

So I asked her, well, this is what your teacher said. How about we try talking to the other kids? "Okay, okay," my daughter said.

Without telling me, my daughter soon figured out a plan of attack. She'd go up to a friendly girl or two, pull out a cute stuffed animal. The girl(s) would predictably go ooh-aah over the stuffed animal, and they're talking!

For the last week or two, my daughter no longer clings to me in the mornings.

And for the last couple of days, I noticed she didn't even need the stuffed animal anymore. Impressive! :)

Weekend Events

Meeting with Dr. Travis Bristol

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Thursday, 6pm, New School of Music, Cambridge app

Cambridge River Festival

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Saturday, 11am, DCR Cambridge Parkway & Lechmere Canal Park

Pancake and Coding Storytime

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Saturday, 11am, Main Library, Curious George Room

Touch-a-Boat Free Family Fun

Free Family Fun on Boston Harbor! Explore different types of boats, sail on Boston harbor & see a Massport Fire Boat wa...
Saturday, 12pm, 28 Constitution Road, Charlestown

Free Family Concert & Instrument Petting Zoo

An instrument “Petting Zoo” and demonstration will follow the performance. Children will be able handle and play orches...
Saturday, 2pm, Hyde Park

Date Night Idea: Party At The Intersection of Catalyst & Leonardo

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Saturday, 7:30pm, Flour Bakery, Cambridge

Backyard Block Party 2018

Join us for an afternoon of FREE fun at our 8th annual Backyard Block Party at Agassiz Baldwin Community and Maud Morga...
Sunday, 12pm, 20 Sacramento Street, Cambridge app

SomerStreets Carnaval

On Broadway between McGrath Highway and Pennsylvania Ave. two stages of music, interactive activities, flea and artisan...
Sunday, 2pm, McGrath Hwy to Pennsylvania Ave, Somerville

Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl

Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl is the nation's largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival. It's presented by Valvoline Instan...
Tuesday, 12pm - 6/07, City Hall Plaza, Boston

Boston Dragon Boat Festival

The Boston Dragon Boat Festival takes place annually on the banks of the Charles River in Boston and Cambridge. Startin...
Saturday 6/09, 7am - 6/10, 409 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

12th Annual Family Music Festival

Family, fun, music, and art in the park! Join us as we fill the Lowell School Park with musical fun and activities for ...
Sunday 6/10, 12pm, New School of Music, Cambridge

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