Hope the week back from April vacation's been a smooth one for you.

The results are in from our survey on School Events Communication. Not just anecdotes about difficulty keeping track of all the great things going on at school, or losing event flyers in kids' backpack, we have some hard survey data. :)

  1. Only 20% said like things the way it is, getting emails and flyers. About the same just want it in one place in Yana. Overwhelmingly though people want to easily add school events to their existing calendars.

  2. The most popular calendar is Google Calendar and iCalendar. And about half prefer reminders from their calendar, and rest split between email and text.

Well guess what, we have it! Check out the events for MLK school below. You should be able to add all these to your calendar. (For those who don't use a digital calendar, we can add email or text reminders, just let me know if that'd be useful. Not at MLK? lemme know if this would be useful for your school.)

And yes, you can volunteer from here too! In particular, we really need a couple of strong volunteers to help Marguerite carrying food in for the Open Market next Friday 5/5. It's a great cause and feeds family in need. If you could help out 1:45-2:15, please sign up!

Also, Katie mentioned the art teacher is looking for volunteers to put up artwork for the All School Art show the week of 5/15 and right before the show 5/25.

Go ahead and give it a try, e.g. adding the Unity Playdate to your calendar or volunteer for an event, and let me know how it works for you. :)

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