School Directory, Les Mis with Kids, & Moana Outdoors

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Can't believe we're just a month away from start of school. :)

This past week, I've been hard at work getting our school directory online. The idea is to make it not just a paper directory that you can never find when you need it, but something live you can look up on the go, to invite your kids' friends to a playdate or a birthday party, or to call if you're running late for a pickup. I've emailed 150 parents at our school, and so far only 5 opted out. I'm looking forward to we all getting to know each other more. :)

This week's a busy one. I'm helping my friend Piotr (Cofounder of EdX and new MLK parent) with his campaign for the School Committee. Sunday night we went door to door and talked to some of the neighbors. It was a lot of fun... and makes me realize I rarely talk to my neighbors (even those with kids). It's like you almost need an excuse to talk to people... how strange.

And we also ran into my other friend Josh, another MLK parent who's running for the City Council. One problem with Cambridge is that the voting population is much older, young people and families often don't vote in local election. I hope we could change that... so we'd have a bigger say about our local schools.

Our kids have been busy also. We got a used bike off of Craigslist last Saturday and my daughter's learning to ride it. We did the Minuteman Trail in Arlington together, stopping at the Spy Pond, a very pretty lake with a playground/park next to it.

Coming up this weekend is the local Les Mis starring 30 local kids! My husband and I hope to take our kids to see it Friday or Saturday night at the Longfellow School. Let us know if can join us. :) And Saturday afternoon is the only afternoon show of Shakespeare on the Common's Romeo and Juliet. Sunday we're planning to go to the MLK Summer Playdate. Hope to see you there!

Also, Moana is showing at both the Hatch Shell on Friday night and Prudential on Saturday. It's now my kids' favorite movie. :)

August 03, 2017 in #community | | | Share on Google+