Playdate & pickup help in Yana App

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As promised, the next rev of Yana App is here! Just in time for you to arrange some playdates over the winter break. :) You can download it at Here's what's new:

Playdates and carpool preferences - see who can help! Those of you who filled out the survey, I've already loaded in your responses. They show up in the group member list with a little hand. It's so great to see so many parents willing to help. :)


If you haven't added your preference, just click on your own profile then 'Edit preferences' at the bottom. Or it might even ask you to enter when you open the app, or from the top right menu -> Childcare Help.


Enhanced privacy - - your preferences and kids info will only be shown to other members of your private group (Typically other parents in your kids' class).

If you can't see your private groups, please let me know. I might need to fix it for you.

Select grade instead of birthday for your kids. (Yes, Aejez and Kevin.)

If you haven't seen any notifications lately from Yana, it's probably because you're on a Beta version and it expired. (Hint, Jesse.) So, time to upgrade. :)

Summer Camps & Birthday Parties Also, in the one of my kids' class groups, we've been talking about summer camps. Also in my interviews, 10-15% of your told me planning summer camps is a Big Headache. I'm working on adding those to Yana, in particular I found some good STEM camps nearby. :)

I would also like to run the Chinese summer camp we did last summer again, with the instructors from one of the Newton Chinese schools. Will survey you for interest soon. Also on the roadmap is where to hold Birthday Parties.

December 22, 2016 in #yana app #parenting village | | | Share on Google+