First, thank you so much for the all the responses to last week's email! Good to have your help next time I'm in a jam with my kids. :)

Survey says... Most people are willing to help each other

Big thanks also to all those who filled out the survey from last week. So many people said Both to many of the questions, meaning they'd be willing to both help out and get help. Almost everyone said both to pickup backup, or watching another kid in the same class. So feel free to ask!

People also said yes to drop-off playdates quite often. At even the lowest end, three quarters of the people responded said yes to carpooling, most popular of which is again both giving and getting a ride.

Pickup Backup & adding to app - It was a good thing I asked about Pickup Backup, as sure enough the day after I asked a parent, my transportation failed me: the T was 10 minutes late, my Uber took 5 minutes to move 3 blocks. I ended up running like a madwoman to the afterschool. Thankfully my Pickup Backup called me to ask if I needed help picking up! (Thanks Jaclyn. :)

I found it so useful myself, and given so many parents are interested in helping, I'm adding these Childcare Help Preferences to the app, hopefully early next week. Will remind you to upgrade then. And hopefully just in time to plan some playdates over the holiday break. :)

Enjoy the weekend, find your pickup backup, and send me other cool events for next week! :)


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