Parenting is Hard. You Are Not Alone.

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parenting is hard

Thanks for trying out Yana for Parents. We built it to better connect us parents. Yana stands for You Are Not Alone.

Parenting is HARD! And many of us don't have our parents or family nearby who can help. You've heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." Where is ours? I've had a chance to talk to some of you about how you see the problem. What I heard:

  • "I need backup care, e.g. on Veteran's Day coming up."
  • "I wish it's more like a small town, where people are more interested in helping each other out."
  • "Sometime I just need that 5-10 minutes of help, when I'm late getting to my kid. "
  • "I'm very willing to help, but others seem reluctant when I offer."
  • "I've been lucky to have a few friends who can help. Not everyone has that."
  • "What I really need now is local information (for parenting). I have to ask a lot of people and do a lot of research."

We've built Yana with the goal of addressing these concerns. The parents on Yana are starting to ask each other questions like "What's the Friday handout?" or "Where to go trick-or-treat?" or "Where can I find indoor soccer classes in Cambridge?"

We've also added listings for kids' classes and you can add classes you know and ratings and reviews:

I'd love your help checking that out, maybe review some classes, and tell me what you think about that and about the broader goal of parenting villages where parents help each other out. Many of you mentioned would be great to know what your kids' friends are taking. That's coming soon.


November 10, 2016 in #community #parenting village #parenting | | | Share on Google+