New Year at the Museum and Orchestra

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Weekend events

Fresh New Year at Gardner Museum - TODAY 5:30-9pm. Come enjoy the courtyard, studio, and galleries. Free for the kids! Café G will be open for snacks, dinner and drinks.

Saturday's Boston Women's March. There will be a group going from MLK. You can meet Christina at 10:55 at the Make Way for Ducklings Sculpture.

Cambridge Symphony Orchestra - Family Concert: Carnival this Sunday in Somerville - for kids of all ages. After the concert the kids can try out string, woodwind, and brass instruments!

Boston Harbor Islands Winter Wildlife Cruise - Saturday at 11am-2pm. Come see animals who make their wintertime home in Boston Harbor and around the outer Harbor Islands.

Intro to 3D Modeling Workshop for Kids - Saturday 10am-12pm at Arsenal Project (formerly Arsenal Mall). 8-13 year olds will learn how to make a 3D model using 3D CAD and how to use 3D printer.

Winter Activities at the New England Aquarium - Live animal presentations let the kids get up close and personal with their favorite aquatic animals. Winter Activities run through February 14.

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