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How about that fizzled out snow storm? :)

So this week and early next week is Community School Summer Camp sign-up, exact time depends on the school. If you're worried about getting a spot at your school, do know that many parents tend to pick the school closest to them, not necessarily where their school is.

Besides our school, I've heard good things about the Tobin Camp, Morse Camp, Amigos Camp, Cambridgeport Camp etc.. So my guess is they are probably all pretty good. And if you're like me last year and signed up way too late, I've from Peabody's Community School that they can accommodate as many kids as needed, because they can just open up another classroom. So relax! :)

Question for you, is it often a mad dash out of the house for you on a school morning?

It sure was at ours. The typical scene: my daughter leisurely taking what seems like hours to eat, taking breaks to work on her latest craft project, see what her brother's up to, and generally ignore my pleas to please finish up.

I'd pack the snacks and look up to see it was already time for school! My husband has an alarm to wake up to help us. He'd come down and say to the kids, "Wait, didn't you wear this yesterday? Go change." Then I'd say, "what's the big deal to wear the same thing for two days. We're already late."

Through all this, my son would be playing his LEGO, apparently oblivious. My husband hurried to collect the kids' shoes, jackets, or backpacks to help us get out of the house on time. Then one of us would rush back in, "Oops, forgot the snacks!"

One Sunday my husband woke up and said to us, "Wait, don't we need to get ready for school?" We looked at him, surprised. "Uh, we don't have school on Sunday," my daughter said.

My poor traumatized husband! :( We clearly needed a better way.

I Googled how to get kids to take greater ownership of their tasks. (Everything I know about parenting is from either this Parenting Bible or Google.) I read about 5 articles, which basically all said, instead of keep telling them what to do, you get them to own the task, ask them questions, and try to be their consultant.

I talked to the kids that they are big enough to now own getting to school on time, but that I'll help them. Okay, my kids said. I asked them how much time do we need to get ready? "10 minutes", my son said. My daughter needed some help with the time subtraction, but my son figured out when we need to start getting ready. I asked him to set an alarm.

Next morning, the alarm went off, and my son said to his sister, "It's time, hurry, we need to get ready." My daughter may not listen to me, but she does listen to her brother. So they got ready in a hurry, I checked and it took only 5 minutes. Woohoo!

My son was proud of himself for being first, and continues his top ranking. For the first week, I at most just need to say, "Alarm!", and my son will start getting ready. My daughter follows, with a bit of reminding some days. And now they are both pretty good at it, and would notice the time.

Apparently now I'm the slacker... I've gotten a few warnings from my kids about how I need to hurry up. My daughter would say, "Mom's always the last." Grrr...

Okay, now I'm thinking... what else are they ready to own? Cleaning up? Homework? Hehehe... ;-)

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