Peek at Next Rev of Yana

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Almost half the parents I talk to seem to have a sick child over the holidays. Hope you've recovered, and also conquered the first snowstorm of the new year. :)

January is a busy month of school events. I'm working on the next rev of Yana app that'll help you get help from each other and also keep track of those school events. Below is what the app will look like soon, with tabs for

  • Help - parents asking and helping each other for class, school, and nearby. You'll have all the conversations in one place, and see what are popular topics.
  • Profile & groups - View your groups and other parents' profiles.
  • Classes & camps - classes & summer camps.
  • Calendar - of class, school, and nearby events.

Let me know if you have any feedback!

A few other topics I hear from parents seem to be

  • where to ski with kids, or if that's too far, I've seen
  • kids sledding in any slopes they can find, even as gentle as River Press Par.
  • For vacationing, If you haven't heard, it's a great time to go to Europe. Our family booked for $450 round trip to Barcelona. And Kayak also has a great page with deals to europe.

And maybe these can all be topics in the new Yana App in the next few weeks. :)

Till next time,

January 13, 2017 in #yana app | | | Share on Google+