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How was your long weekend? Hope you had fun here or away.

This weekend is looking to be quite warm! I hope you'll get to try one of the diverse list of events happening this weekend. Or better yet, go with some families. :)


I had a couple of conversations with friends about cultural differences in doing things together. How in small town America, people are much friendly and would come over to each others' house. I have an Indian friend, who talks about having guests over for dinner and then stay over, for a few days! (And yes, they has kids!) That just never happens to me. :)

Another friend countered, it's all about someone starting to ask, then that just normalizes it for everyone else. He happens to be Indian also but American-born and said he had friends from the Midwest and Europe who's comfortable just showing up at each other's house without calling or plans: they can just figure it out, if hungry, order pizza.

A friend from Europe said her mom moved to the village where everything was proper, but she did things her way, and invited friends to show up whenever. She'll always have coffee and cookies ready. And sure enough, people would just show up at her doorstep just like she wanted.

"Cookies? Mmmm... " My son interjected. (My thoughts exactly. :)

It's true, the more I talk about doing things together, the more I do get invites.

- "Feel free to just drop your kid off if u want."

- "Wanna come over for dinner?"  

- "Wanna chat after drop-off"

I love it! Just so you know, I'll pretty much always say yes if I'm free. :-D

So I got into this convo with a friend about having kids being dropped off for playdates. "So why don't you ask first?" "Well why don't you ask first?"

Seriously, how about we all just ask more. Most people would probably be very happy to get an invite. :-D

And what if you do get a no? Often it's not no, but next time! Or it can be worked out. My husband is more of a homebody. But long ago we worked out it's okay if I take the kids to friends' or birthday parties and he stays home. I just put it on our shared Google calendar and don't expect him to come by default.

And what if you asked and got no response? They are probably just busy and missed it. Often kids play on the phone so parents didn't see the message in time.

Yeah, about a third to a half of my invites don't work out. Like recently I asked if people want to do dinner on weeknights. After getting 4 no's in a row I learned apparently most people with kids don't eat out much, unless it's at Full Moon. :)

Btw, there are even some families interested in communal living set-up, where there's shared common area. (Think instant playdate/babysitters!) if you're also interested, let me know to connect you. :)

What do you think? what stops you from inviting folks over? (Besides a messy house... which well I have too. My kids have learned to help me clean up in 15 minutes.) Or to meet up at an event. Or better yet, what would make you feel more comfortable inviting others to join you?

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