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Phew, an eventful week! The greatest Super Bowl ever, followed by the first big snow storm of the season. :)

Hope you're enjoying the snow day. I reached out to a neighboring MLK parent to see if can get the kids together for a playdate, and got pinged by another parent. So nice and neighborly. :) And yes, fingers crossed for the originally planned school concert tomorrow. :)

Email Notification
This week we got email notifications going for the first time for messages. I see more people are seeing the messages and responding. Please bare with us as we work out the kinks. In the new app, we'll only notify you for a new conversation and not the following responses unless you're interested in that convo. Since the current app still has group chat, you might get one or two extra emails, until the new app.

New Help Now Screenshots
The new app with Help Now is progressing along. Would love any feedback you may have!

This screen is where based on time of day, we show you the appropriate pick up or drop off times, and who you can ping for help.

This is where you set up your schedule:app

Does it make sense? Would you try it out, why or why not?

And here's the 2nd tab for asking general questions, that you can respond to whenever:app

February 10, 2017 in #yana app | | | Share on Google+