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First, to all the hard-working moms out there, a hearty Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you'll get a chance to do something nice with your family. My husband & I will be hosting his side of family, honoring the moms in the family.

My daughter's made me a Happy Mother's Day heart with her new origami skills. I asked her older brother (3 years older) if he has anything he'd want to tell me for the holiday. He scratched his head, "Um, Happy Birthday?" Grrr....

Last Sunday, I took my daughter biking again on the Memorial Drive.

"Why do you take so many pictures?" She complained a bit. It's true, I do take a lot.

"Well, because you're so cute." I explained.

"And someday you'll be all grown up and move away for school or work. And I'll ask are you coming home, and you'll say, sorry mom I'm busy. And then I can take out the pictures and remember the fun times we had. "

"You know I don't like to talk about that, right?" my daughter said, her eyes tearing up a bit. Then she covered my mouth when I tried to say something else.

It's true right? We do so much now as moms, all for those crazy little kids. :)

My daughter also told me yesterday morning, it's only 3 days till Parent Summit! That's right, she's been keeping tabs on what I'm up to. :)

Looks like Saturday is gonna be rainy, so a good day to stay in side with the summit! Please RSVP if you haven't already, especially for childcare.


I'm very much hoping it'll rain in the morning and be sunny after the summit at 4pm, for the Sports & Popsicle Playdate our Friends group is sponsoring at Izzy's Park 2 houses down. We're likely gonna get a third to a half as many kids coming to the summit as adults! Be sure to bring your balls, frisbees, and more. :)

And on Sunday Mother's Day (no rain), there are a couple of fun things to do, the Mother's Day 5k with a free 1k for kids, and Lilac Sunday, a local tradition. Enjoy the blooming lilacs and lots of food trucks, and just remember to go early for parking

Last but not least, if you need a last-minute mother's day gift, or some self-pampering with a vegetable or flower garden but lack a green thumb (like me), my mommy friend's new local startup is offering gardening help. You can ask for a consultation before committing at Yardpanel.com, and mention Yana.

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