Halloween post-mortem | Vote Tuesday

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How was your Halloween?

In my neighborhood in Cambridgeport, people really get into the spirit! See some pics.

My kids picked their own very affordable (FREE!) and comfortable costumes: "themselves going to school". Their backpacks double as candy holders. ;-)

My husband said we should start as early as possible. So we were off trick-or-treating at 6. As the feeding frenzy went on, among the parents there was a lot of "just take one piece" and "hey what do we say?" as kids grab and run.

By 7:30 my son said he missed home, and I felt utterly exhausted. My phone said we walked 14,000 steps. And the kids probably more, as they actually had to walk up each doorway and knock on the door.

We didn't even get to meet up with some of our friends. Still, our kids had a lot of fun, "could we sort the candies now?" :)

Vote on Tuesday!

Switching gears a bit, have you noticed all the campaign signs around? Yes, We're in full campaign mode as next Tuesday, November 7th is the day!

Monday we had an awesome powwow with the PTO/Friends group leaders from almost all the schools in Cambridge, along with almost all the School Committee Candidates. It was great to share our challenges and learn from each other.

If you need help figuring out who to vote, check the site http://vote.cambridgecivic.com/ for candidate statements, or ask around. A number of our fellow parents are running this year, including Piotr and Josh from MLK, and Laurance from FMA. Good luck!

This Weekend

We'll probably check out the Family Literacy Fun at the city hall where everyone will no doubt run into friends, and kids will love to pick out their free book. :) We also hope to make it to MLK / PAUS mom Jackie's Documentary East of Salinas on Saturday or Sunday as part of Kids film festival.

Last year, we went to the BSO family concert on Peter and the Wolf last year and the kids had a lot of fun. The instrument petting zoo was a big hit with our kids. And they sat thru the concert focusing on all the instruments each representing a different animal. :) I'm not sure if this event's sold out but looks like there are more in March/April too. :)

November 02, 2017 in #community | | | Share on Google+