Father's Day & Family Picnic

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Happy Father's Day!

A big thank you to all the dads out there for all that you do. :)

See below for a dad's brunch and a family improv event that might be fun for dads. Too bad the Gillet Stadium Field Day with Dad is already sold out.

In the spirit of planning ahead... wondering what to do next Friday when school's over? There are a couple of museums open for free including the Sports Museum. If you have other ideas for next Friday, send me those and I'd be happy to share for next week.

Don't forget tomorrow is our family picnic at the MLK Playground. Fingers crossed on the weather... there's some cover even if it does rain. So maybe just bring a blanket to sit on and some games and we'll just hang out and have fun.

RSVP for picnic

Over the past week I've been attending more parent organization meetings around town. It's inspiring to see how hard parent volunteers work to improve their communities. We hope to get more schools on Yana to make getting volunteers and building communities easier. This week I've added repeating events... so you guys can also RSVP ahead to rest of our bi-weekly family picnics. :)

For more community events, Christina recommended the Beyond the 4th Wall Lion King performance below, with kids from our community! In case your kids love the performance and show interest in theater, you might be happy to check out the theater/arts camps on our site, including from Beyond the 4th Wall and the Central Square theater.

For last Sunday's Dragon Boat Fest on an amazing 90 degree day, we only got to check it out briefly, as my daughter wasn't in the mood (kids!). There were a lot of people. :)

Btw, today is our 9th wedding anniversary. My husband and I are grabbing lunch today, away from the kids. ;-) Yeah, kids are hard on marriages. I will have more to say on the topic later, but meanwhile, enjoy the weekend!

June 15, 2017 in #community | | | Share on Google+