Farmers Market, Winterfest, & Parade

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Weekend Events

1. Cambridge Winter Farmers Market - first in 2017 - This Saturday from 10am-2pm. Also featuring live music and family friendly activities!

2. Winterfest at Imagine in Cambridge - Bring the younger kids in for some winter activities including: build a snowman, skate across the dance floor, and toboggan down slides. Also, relax and enjoy stories and songs. Special events run through end of January.

3. Three Kings Day Parade and Celebration - This Friday at 3:30pm in Jamaica Plain. Event starts with crown making at the Connolly Library followed by a parade. Celebration ends with hot chocolate, treats, and a free book!

4. Adventure Ropes Course - At Jordan's Furniture in Reading. Indoor fun for the kids and adults with a one-of-a-kind sky ropes course. Special course for 2-7 year olds.

5. Last weekend: James and the Giant Peach at Loeb Harvard Square - A great play to take the kids to. This is the last weekend to see it!

6. Parents Date Night! Porchfest Indoors with Gin Daisy This Saturday at 7:00pm at Arlington Center for the Arts. Leave the kids in and have a parents' date night! Gin Daisy is Americana -- early swing & blues, bluegrass -- and features MLK mom Jasmine Moran! :)

7. Parents Date Night #2 - Next Wednesday night - One of my husband and my favorite chefs Tony Maws of Craigie on Main fame is doing a special dinner for a small group.

January 05, 2017 in #events | | | Share on Google+