Looking forward to the long weekend? Too many gray days and bad traffic this week. :)

Seems like most of the families I talked to are staying around here while some are taking trips locally. There're a lot of awesome events this weekend if you're around. My husband has been reading up on hyperdrive and we might go check out the NASA event @ JFK Library.

In the past week or so, I've talked to a few other Cambridge schools' parent organizations about trying out Yana, and so far there's good interest. So Yana's focus is now more about empowering parent organizations to build better parent communities. (Still connecting parents, but through parent orgs.)

Check out the MLK Calendar for example if you haven't recently. We still have great events like next week's MIT Talent Show that we need a few volunteers for. We're also talking about using Yana for connecting new JK/K families.

If you know friends at other Cambridge schools who'd be interested in ways to better build parent community, let me know!

Also, is anyone going to the Brookline Arts Center summer camp? Let us know!

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