6 Things to Do with Kids on a Snow Day

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Running out of things to do on this snow day with your kids? How about getting the kids to help you

  • Fold laundries? My son's an expert at pairing up socks, and my daughter folds all her own clothes.

  • Bake or cook? Our kids love helping daddy make brownies or hot chocolates.

  • Shovel or at least use the broom to clear the steps.

  • Cleaning up the house - it's usually a mess by this time in ours. :)

  • Read together.

    Those of you at MLK, this could be a good opportunity to catch up on reading for Reading Bingo. Who doesn't want to contribute to throwing a pie at Mr. Yung! ;-) We recently bought a $4 book on Johnny Applesauce on Kindle so my kids can check off "American Tall Tale". (I didn't even know there's a Kindle app for the laptop. :)

  • Plan Summer Camps. After much deliberation -- "you mean I can't have both?" -- my son decided he wants to do more Minecraft this summer. So we're switching from the Museum of Science camp to Kids 4 Coding.

And don't forget to fill out our Summer Camp Survey while you're at it, find out what each other's kids are going to, get ideas, and also share about a great camp so maybe more friends can go with your kids. The summary so far...

March 15, 2017 in #parenting | | | Share on Google+